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I help remove frustration for those who have singer souls but lack the skills to find there true voice so they can fearlessly express their passion.

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Alex muddy Smith
Alex muddy Smith

Alex muddy Smith is a veteran musician. He specializes in singing, guitar and songwriting.

In addition to a B.A. in music he is a veteran of 50 years in the music business. He has produced 3 CDs and written over 50 songs.

Muddy has always believed that in addition to classes and lessons, selfstudy is necessary to reach musical goals.

After becoming an accomplished musician he decided to try to "crack the code on singing. After a lifetime of hearing the "born with it" myth he decided with basically no singing skills, to undertake the challenge of learning to be a singer. Trial and error, reading tons of books and articles and daily practice has led to teaching others how to find success. He knows that there are some people who are "born with it," however they may not be the best to teach the techniques that are necessary to sing. Because of his own singing challenges and continuous study he has learned the skills to bring about the transformation necessary to create the tone and discover relaxed effortless, fearless singing. In other words give you the shortcuts.

Muddy also has taken many seminars and studied the ways that musicians can create money in the field of music.

Fearless Effortless Singing is only his first course. Look forward to future courses that will assist you in your musical endeavors.

This Course is under Construction. Should be done by Feb. 01 2018

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Yes you can sing. This course designed for anyone who believes they can't sing and for singers who want more from their voice!

Begin your amazing transformation today!

Only $100 while I'm building the course. After that it goes to $300.

Are you ready to....

Rid yourself of limiting beliefs about your voice?

Stand out and deliver to your chosen audiences?

Have your audience engage in all of your songs?

Discover the shortcuts to your transformation?

Be the singer you have dreamed of becoming?

Who is this course for?

Anyone who simply loves to sing

Professional singer hoping to reach their highest potential

Teachers who want to bring song into the classroom

Choir members

Public speakers who need to speak confidently

Aspiring karaoke stars

Rid yourself of limiting beliefs. Do it right now!

Forget about the many times you've been told to shut up while singing with the radio. Forget about the people who giggled when you were at the karaoke bar. I don't care if you've been told and believe as many do, (and I once did) that singing is a gift that only a select few are "born with it?."

Lets unpack the "born with it myth."

Doesn't make sense. What is special about great singers? What body parts do they have for singing that you don't? Let see...they have a diaphragm, lungs, voice box, mouth, etc. Do you have all of those parts? If the answer is yes, then they are no different from you except they have learned how to develop those parts and let them work together in harmony.

Can you keep a melody in your head? If the answer is yes, take my course and discover your true voice. My course is designed to make you sing correctly, effortlessly and fearlessly. With practice you will develop your totally unique voice that will thrill your listeners.

You can be an in tune tone master who effortlessly creates the sound they desire.

It doesn't matter what type of music you sing or want to sing.

From opera to rap and all the places in between this course will allow you to maximize your potential and allow you to become the singer that lives in your heart, your spirit, and your mind.

How long will it take?

Results vary, however, with consistent daily effort, you will be amazed how soon your singing dream will be realized.

Procrastination is a disguise for limiting beliefs and fear of change.

Come along on this fantastic voyage by signing up right now.

The reality of singing is there are some people who are "born with it," and they may not be the best to teach the techniques that are necessary for singing. A great ball player who has natural talents maybe didn't have to work hard or study hard because their successes came easily. A good instructor not only understands the challenges but can lead you through the obstacles you encounter on your path to success.

In other words, you get to travel on the easy already paved road.

Because of my own learning and singing challenges, I am able to demonstrate the visualizations necessary to create awesome tone with soaring high notes and to transform you into the totally confident, relaxed singer,


About the course.

Series of fun videos no longer then 10 minutes each.


Practice tips

Well organized to find information quickly.



Head tones

Chest tones




High Notes

Detailed explanations

Trouble shooting


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Alex muddy Smith Live

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